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Urban Highlight: The City of Roses, Portland, OR

Often the way it goes is this, you visit Portland, you fall in love and you return home with an unwavering affinity for the city, but a lack of words to describe exactly why. But that's exactly it, the feeling of just how livable Portland is, that's the heart of its magic.


The Indoor Essentials: Maximizing Natural Light

For us urban dwellers, natural light can as big of a luxury as an indoor gym or swimming pool. With each building squeezed next to each other, even the biggest windows provide limited sunlight.


Smart Garden Planning: Grouping Crop Families

Planning a garden bed is a crucial first step when learning how to garden. It can be both confusing and tedious at first, but is a skill that will help increase your chances of a fruitful harvest.


Who We Are

The Urban Botanist is an expression of urban lifestyle infused with local attitude. We celebrate the beauty of taking small spaces and filling them with big ideas. Whether it's exploring trends in urban economy, politics and design or simply sharing your favourite decorating and gardening tips -- The Urban Botanist is a collective of thoughtful, community minded individuals.


I grew up in a small agricultural town in rural British Columbia, Canada. Although our farm was modest, it had all the amenities of a pastoral lifestyle that city dwellers dream of. After moving to the urban metropolis of Vancouver in 2010, I struggled to find that same connection to local attitude and economy. Since then, the idea of The Urban Botanist has been slowly forming in my moleskines and napkin sketches. It has been created to highlight the ways individuals and small business have transformed urban lifestyle and reflects the values of community, sustainability and, especially, a love for all things green.

- Alyssa K